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Color Correction

Have your eyebrow tattoo turned blue, red or purple or even green?
Before the color correction, we also need to consider shape correction. It is good to create a pre-drawing to see if we can improve the brows design without former removal.


Many new clients are wondering how to correct or refresh discolored eyebrows with permanent makeup or microblading. The biggest problem occurs when we deal with very old pigmentation many times very saturated tattooed eyebrows done many years ago with black pigment that has lots of carbon black.

Back in the day, the whole tattooing process looked different. Artists were using dark pigments and worked more aggressively, depositing the pigment into a deeper layer of the skin.

Eyebrow correction is a process and doesn't happen overnight. It is important to first evaluate what is the best treatment plan as  every case is different. 


We recommend to set up a complimentary consultation so your technician can evaluate what is the best treatment plan for you to achieve your desired look.

**Please note, not all discolored brows can be offered color correction, if the skin is too “full” of past pigment, we recommend Tattoo Removal for your journey toward beautiful brows

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